Fastify, Prisma, Docker and Swagger REST API Boilerplate project. Using Typescript (ovbiously)

This is more like a work-in-progress type of thing, but a few weeks to go I had to write some kind of project skeleton to to demonstrate how to use Fastify and their awesome schema feature (which probably deserves it's own blog post) and also include Prisma for the database.

This is the result of such task:

Well, kinda... It's pending some review and the original Schema was simply reduced to a basic Product-Category relation it worth a look while searching for examples.

The Stack

  • Fastify | Blazingly fast web framework, Typescript ready!
  • Prisma | Typescript ready ORM to work with databases :)
  • Swagger | OpeanAPI & easy documentation, made automatically from our Fastify schemas! Also provides a simple playground frontend.
  • Docker image building, and PM2 for Node process management (for production build)
  • Debugging ready, and Postman testing

More details and documentation can be found at the file, how to run it , compile docker images, etc..

"Sadly" the project uses MongoDB but is something I'm gonna move away when  I get the time to probably Postgress or SQLite.

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