Hello, my name is Daniel Morales. I'm a 32-years old programmer and web developer currently living in Montevideo, Uruguay.

I been programming since I was about 15 y.o, and for the past 12 actively working in the area.

I studied electronics at a Technical School and shortly after I got introduced to some kind of in-device programming and thanks to that a lab professor saw my interest and introduced me to actual coding.

Technologies / Skills

Most of my work experience comes from back-end development, PHP, creating admin panels, web services and such. I'm not the guy who creates the HTML, but in-real-life i've a lot of experience working as full-stack, dealing with the front-end, JavaScript, etc.

Here is a list of things I do/use, but if you are interested in working with me don't hesitate in Contacting me for more details.

  • PHP: 7.1, Doctrine DBAL, Twig, Silex, Symfony, Laravel, Composer
  • Database: MySQL, Sqlite, MongoDB (basics, w/Doctrine's Mongo ODM)
  • Javascript: NPM, NVM, GruntJS, JQuery, JQuery UI, TinyMCE plugins, React, Cordova / Phonegap, Phonegap Build
  • Cloud: Amazon's S3
  • Swift/iOS: 3.x, Cocoapods, Alamofire, TRON, SwiftyJSON, Maps (Google), Analytics
  • Ruby: RVM, Sinatra, ActiveRecord, Omniauth, rmagick
  • Tools & Ohers: GIT, Vagrant / Virtualbox, Bootstrap CSS, Amazons Video encoder, Zencoder
  • Linux: C/GTK+, Autotools

Open Source

  • Thunar Shares - Share files using Samba directly from Thunar
  • Twitux - A Twitter client for Gnome, written in C / GTK+
  • JSUploader - JQuery plugin for Drag and Drop Files, async uploading, using the HTML5 File API

Contacting Me

If you are looking to work with me or find more details about my work experience in a some sort of format like a CV, the best way to do it is via LinkedIn Mail.

Also, there is a web-based contact form and some other social networks that I use:

Hire me!

I'm currently open for new projects or join pretty much any project i may fit in, let me know!

Read about what I do, or contact me for details.