Ruby on Rails in Fedora 20

So this post is gonna be a short one; and as i said before there is several ways to install RoR.

The important thing is: do not mix up things; and by mix up i mean trying to use packages already built by your distro like rubygems and then installing the gems on the userspace; while that may work on some cases it may also lead into weird issues.

For beginners installing Rails on Fedora 20 is simple as doing:

$ sudo yum install ruby rubygems rubygem-rails

That way you have all you need to get things going; also you can look up for other gems on the repositories by the name rubygem-*.

And the mandatory hello world app:

$ rails new hello-world

$ cd hello-world

$ rails server

Open: http://localhost:3000

As you get more involved into rails you may want to try to set up your dev enviroment with other tools like RVM. (I wrote a post about this long time ago; but it's kinda outdated and may be a nice idea for a future post)

Some nice resources about Rails and Ruby in general:

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