Resurrecting the blog

It's been a while since the last last time I posted something here, (more than two years actually). It's been a crazy couple years, lots of work, activities, long days, a bit of fun, and (not gonna lie) some stress too. Have you ever felt like you are immerse in a never-ending routine where days are too short? Well, that's what i been up to for the past few years.

At the start of the year some work-related changes happened, some of those were a blast and some went down the toilet.

Since then i been trying to reconnect with the programming side of me that actually enjoyed coding, when I was able to stay all night up coding, learning new stuff, or just working... but not be that code-spitting machine that only codes at the office just to pay the bills.

But let's not be dramatic and talk about the present (and future), here are a few things i been doing lately and what to expect from now on:

  • Symfony 3/4: I been a Symfony lover for years, not for the framework but mainly for the libraries related to it: Twig, Monolog, Swiftmailer, doctrine, Silex and other related technologies. Looking to catch-up with the new stuff, migrate the old demo projects for a potential portfolio section.
  • Ruby/Sinatra: I been using Ruby and Sinatra a lot for "micro-site" projects. Those who need some back-end logic, build quick APIs or Admin panels and have short deadlines: this is an amazing combo!. But probably not gonna expand beyond that.
  • iOS/Swift: This is the one I'm excited for, I been doing so much coding in Swift and I think is related to the idea of coming back to code an actual Application (program) and not just websites. Looking forward to write a lot of demo apps, work on some ideas and write about the process of building them!
  • Linux/UI: Almost twelve years ago I got my first job thanks to some open source projects i was working on (and having some moderate success), and used to show off my programming skills. Sadly i was a bit too young and didn't see the big picture here and pretty much left that world behind. So, from now on and as a weekend project I'm planning to comeback to that amazing world that gave me so much.

Enough rambling, see you in a few days hopefully... expect many design changes (I'm never happy with it) and hopefully more regular blog posts :)

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