Theming an Android Listview with the jQuery Mobile styles

As i get used to work with more mobile applications(call it HTML or native apps) one thing you realize about them is the difference in performance between both (especially once your app start growing); as an Android user i see that a lot.

But that's not the point of this post and to put things on prospective even if i don't have much experience with Java i consider that I know enough to jump into the droid world without much issue.

In my opinion the key part to be successful at this is to fully understand the flow of an app and be GOOD as a UI designer rather than just know how to work with arrays in Java.

To help me with that I started this little page (or call it project if you want) to try  to reproduce some of the jQuery Mobile widgets on an android native project.

(Because that's what i like the most from JQM..... their dark theme :)

Enjoy it and hopefully someone can find it useful :)

Link to GitHub Project

Note: Obviously for now it only contains some basic stuff, but keep an eye on it, even if i don't update anything here as long as I don't get distracted by some random new technology (as many times) i will be working on it.

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